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RoomPa offers properties that are perfect for your new life in Japan

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You can search for a room using a communication method that suits your lifestyle

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RoomPa offers a good deal with detailed price breakdown


About us

RoomPa is an intermediary service where you can receive room proposals from agents recommended for you. You can also choose to communicate with agents via LINE, so you can easily search for a room regardless of time or location.


Area of service

Tokyo metropolitan area



Business Hours



1 Tokyo metropolitan area (incl. Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama. excl. island areas) 

2 Your room search conditions may prevent agent introduction

3 Business hours may vary for each of the agents we introduce



What methods of communication can I use?


We will communicate with you on LINE or by phone call to suit your lifestyle.


What are the costs involved in signing a rental contract in Japan?


Mainly Shiki-kin (deposit), Reikin (key money), and agency fees.


What is security Shiki-kin (deposit) / Reikin (key money)?


Shiki-kin (deposit) is a deposit paid when renting a property and is refundable partly if the property is in good condition.

On the other hand, Reikin (key money) is paid as a token of appreciation to the property owner and is usually non-refundable.


How long is the lease agreement signed?


It takes an average of 15 days from the submission of the application form to the signing of the contract, but with negotiation, the contract may be completed in a shorter period of time.

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